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Still getting up to speed on the blogging since returning from the States - work is implausibly busy right now! I have the raw material to post but I'm struggling to find the time to actually mark it up for posting... I will try and get rolling this week.

You may have noticed an absurd influx of spam comments - about four a day right now. TypePad are working on new measures which should curtail this, but it will take about a month. In the meantime, I have the option to hold comments for approval, which would mean a day or so delay before legitimate comments appear.

Would anyone prefer this over the current spam situation? Let me know your thoughts.


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I find that if comments are held for moderation, it really restricts discussion. A lot of people will say the same thing repeatedly (since they were all held in a queue). You also don't get a conversation going since a few people could have made unapproved comments while you're typing yours.

I think if you value discussion via comments, I'd avoid holding comments for moderation.

Brian: thanks for sharing your perspective here. This is precisely my concern, really - and why I haven't switched over to this system thus far. I'll just have to hope TypePad upgrade their spam protection soon. :)

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