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Been a while since I posted a round-up of anything game-related, principally because I have been thoroughly disinterested with videogames recently, as they increasingly feel like work and not play.

  • 3D was the story from E3, of course! And the moral of the story seems to be: no-one really cares.
  • It's a testament to how rarely I put on the 360 that it updates itself every time that I do. But I've dusted it off recently to play Chime, a puzzle game best described as Tetris meets Qix. It's the most engaging puzzler to come along in quite a while, plus 60% of the sales go to children's charities.
  • I'm absolutely dying for a good 2D exploration game in the manner of the old flick-screen explorers like Sabre Wulf, Scuba Dive, Sacred Armour of Antirad, Arac the Arachnidrod, Wizard's Lair or Starquake. Outside of Metroid and Castlevania, it seems nothing like this ever gets made any more... PixelJunk: Shooter gave me a short fix, at least.
  • Although I'm not playing videogames very much, I'm still enjoying boardgames. I think my wife and I have now racked up more hours playing Arkham Horror than any other boardgame I've played in my life, including Car Wars. Scary.
  • And finally, Only a Game stalwart Mory Buckman has a new gamelet out, entitled The March of Bulk. It's a non-game in which you perambulate an elephant - I had lots of fun messing about with it and finding all the things you can do!


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Hi Chris,
If you like the 2d explorer, you might like Aquaria.

I bought it recently as part of the Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want for half a dozen games).

It's really impressive.

You know what you might enjoy even more?

If I actually paste the URL in...
try this: http://www.bit-blot.com/aquaria/

You may have played this already, but there's a relatively recent Flash exploration game called Small Worlds. You can play it here:

I still need a f**kin weapon!

Mmm, Car Wars. Somewhere I still have a *lot* of first ed Car Wars stuff... we should have a game sometime.

Peter: I tried to play Car Wars recently and found it interminable. As a child, I had the time, but these days I feel there are better things I can do in six hours than simulate one minute of vehicular combat. :)

Matt: you probably hold the record for longest sequence of Arkham Horror turns without finding a weapon. :)

RodeoClown: I remember Aquaria from the IGF a few years back, but I didn't get sucked into it - perhaps because I didn't spend much time with it, though.

Mory: thanks for this! I hadn't see this before now, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through it. Lots of fun.


If you like Metroid at all, I recommend Shadow Complex. Cheesy story aside, it has tight controls and is slickly presented.

I had to do a quick game review today in my 2D Game Design elective at uni, and chose Small Worlds. It's such a gorgeous little thing.

Chansu: I love 2D Metroid, but alas I don't have much time to spend on games these days so I've had to pass on Shadow Complex. It was recommended to me last year by someone I work with, with much the same praise as you are offering. :)

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