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Gamer Virtues, Gamer Vices

Over on ihobo today, I ask what are the gamer virtues and vices? Here's an extract:

My first investigation in this area shows a lot of evidence of vices. Camping is used pejoratively to criticise players who gain tactical or strategic advantage by remaining in the same place, and spawn killing is a particularly reviled form of camping. Spamming, whether chat spamming or grenade spamming, denotes a criticism of players who act in overly repetitive and irritating ways. Kill stealing is a particularly unique form of "theft" in which credit for a kill is taken by another player who didn't do most of the work. Then there is griefing, the all-purpose word for describing the behaviour of a player who is obnoxiously intrusive on the play of others. All these words show that there are plenty of gamer vices. But what are the gamer virtues?

You can read the entire piece (which is quite short) over on ihobo, and please share your perspective in the comments there as I'm really interested in what people have to say about this.

Also: It's a sudden blitzkrieg of survey results ever since Facebook invaded BrainHex some time last week.


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