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Game Design is Dead

Something of a firestarter rant to round out the games content for 2010; here's an extract of the new post up on ihobo today:

For videogames, the art and craft of game design is dead. In its place we are left only addiction design and geek design, which is after all only a particular form of addiction design. If game design means the creation of tools for play tailored to the needs of specific groups of players, the rising cost of development on the power consoles has strangled this possibility out of existence in the blockbuster market. The concern there is in attracting, addicting, and retaining a community of players – and as ever, it's chiefly the adolescent boys (and their adult successors) who are sufficiently compulsive to be gouged regularly for 60 bucks a pop.

You can read the complete rant, Game Design is Dead, over on ihobo.com.