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Happy Winter Solstice!

Wintersun As the northern side of our planet sinks into the dark heart of  winter, everyone seems swept up in one Winter Festival or another. Today is the Solstice, the wellspring from which our other celebrations at this time of year emerge. It's the shortest day.

In times long passed, villagers would revel at this time of year, rejoicing at the return of the Sun King. Today, Jesus or Santa get more of the spotlight, the latter (who emerged from the pagan story of the Holly King) being only the most modern incarnation of the turning  seasons. These tales and festivities are more than just our heritage, they connect us to the great chain of lives that went before us. Practices and beliefs may change, but humanity has remained quintessentially unaltered within the scale of history. We are still intimately connected to the seasons, and the passage of time.

To each and all I wish a festival of the kind you or your traditions prefer, to mark this fleeting time of year and to remember those stories and people that matter to us. May we not forget that we share this world, and that our residency here is all too brief.

That's all for now. On Thursday there's a sneak peak at something that's coming in the Spring, and the Game will be back on 4th January 2011 with more nonsense. Have fun!


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