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Nicholas Courtney

Brigadier On Tuesday 22nd February, actor Nicholas Courtney passed away in London at the age of 81. Courtney, who had been living with cancer for many years, is most famous for his role as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (pictured) in the British science fiction series Doctor Who, performing with five of the different actors to play the title role. Tom Baker, who played the Doctor with Courtney in the 1980s, said "we shall miss him terribly".

Paternity Leave

My wife’s due date was yesterday, and I think it might be best if I declare my paternity leave now, rather than having to tie up the blog when my son finally decides to make his appearance. I’ll aim to be back on or shortly after the Feast of St. Hoochie (February 15th) with lots more nonsense as the Fiction Campaign continues…

Update: Still no baby as of February 11th so I'm going to need a little more paternity leave than expected; let's say March 1st. That should to give the little blighter enough time to emerge and settle into the world.

Back soon!