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Paternity Leave

My wife’s due date was yesterday, and I think it might be best if I declare my paternity leave now, rather than having to tie up the blog when my son finally decides to make his appearance. I’ll aim to be back on or shortly after the Feast of St. Hoochie (February 15th) with lots more nonsense as the Fiction Campaign continues…

Update: Still no baby as of February 11th so I'm going to need a little more paternity leave than expected; let's say March 1st. That should to give the little blighter enough time to emerge and settle into the world.

Back soon!


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Warmest congratulations on the impending arrival! Hope it all goes smoothly. (Sorry I haven't commented in a while - I've been tremendously busy)

Thanks Theo! And no problem with the comments - I know what busy is like. :) Just glad to know you're still out there somewhere, playing the game.

Good luck to you both! Take a well desserverd break and enjoy your family!

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