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Digital Dominance: Goals

Following and concluding last week’s discussion about the gun as a game prop, this week I look at the goal as a verbal prop in games.  Here’s an extract:

The domination of videogames by guns and goals is likely to persist unless viable, creatively-driven, art-game movements can emerge that either subvert or discard both explicit achievements as the structure of play and weaponry as the focus of play. If this is not possible, games-as-art will flounder against the possibility of holding sufficient interest against the commercial mainstream, and will fail to earn attention, funding or respect. With the mainstream of videogames now quite clearly defined, the open question is whether the artistic potential of the medium will be explored, or left fallow.

This is a very different kind of discussion to last week’s, but with the same motivations and general approach. You can read Digital Dominance: Goals over at


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