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Toy-view and Doll-view in Videogames

Some further thoughts about how prop theory can clarify the experience of play over on ihobo today. Here’s a quote:

First person perspective places something in your virtual hands: this is toy-view; whatever you see in your hands being the toy e.g. a gun for most shooters… Alternatively, third person perspective allows you to look at what the doll your avatar is animating is up to, offering a more imaginative doll-view… There is at least one other view available, which we could call tabletop-view or table-view, that game menus, board-games, puzzle games and the like use. It seems whatever game you’re playing, the fictional world is either built around a toy, a doll or a table, which is unsurprising since these are what we play with as children.

The complete piece, Toy-view and Doll-view in Videogames, is over on ihobo.com.


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