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Press Play on Tape

Greetings and salutations! Welcome back to Only a Game, the blog of Chris Bateman, outsider philosopher, game designer, author and fount of verbosity.

My latest book, Imaginary Games, is released on 25 November this year, so I’ll be heavily promoting that in the near future. However, before that I’ll be leaving a chunk of November free from blogging because of the Wheel of Fortune (as I do every year), so I just have five weeks of nonsense to regale you with in the interim. There’s no rhyme or reason in what’s coming up, just a random extrusion of various thoughts and ideas.

I have finished the draft manuscript of what is now called The Mythology of Evolution, and am currently getting my final feedback on it. I expect to submit to the publisher before the end of the year, so that should be coming out in print around the Summer of 2012. I’m nervous about this one for some reason, but I think it’s come out well and has some interesting perspectives to offer.

I’m currently researching the third of this philosophy trilogy, Chaos Ethics, which will be out in 2013 or 2014. This is the ultimate payoff from the classic Ethics Campaign, although my moral philosophy has taken a few turns since then. I expect to be spending some of early 2012 revisiting some ethical issues, charting the development from relative ethics to chaos ethics, and exploring the difference between moral law and moral chaos. This book is not an attempt to define a new way of doing ethics – it’s a recognition that we were always already living moral lives where there is no perfect answer to any moral question.

For anyone waiting for the Souls in Science Fiction serial, my apologies. Although I have finished my research for this I have not had time to work on the serial, partly because of the three philosophy books and partly because of the baby. However, I am working towards a future book, probably called Digital Souls, that this will form a part of, and so I expect I will eventually write this serial – I just can’t know when.

See you in the comments!