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My Philosophy Trilogy

Just before Imaginary Games was released, I submitted the manuscript for The Mythology of Evolution to the publisher – my thanks to everyone who helped me with this, even those who were unable to do so in the end owing to life intervening. It was a great deal of work, but also very rewarding, and I couldn’t have done it without a lot of support. I’m pleased with the resulting book, which concerns the role of imagination in science and evolutionary theory in particular, and is written in an accessible style for an intelligent but non-expert reader. Inevitably, the book also deals with the presumed conflict between science and religion, and deconstructs this into something considerably more plausible.

The third part of this trilogy of philosophy books, Chaos Ethics, is currently being researched. I have now read Aristotle’s rather dull Ethics, and have just started on Parfit’s unfeasibly long On What Matters. My reward for working through this monster is to read Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals, which I bought a while back but haven’t had time to tackle. Parfit also seems to have taken a shine to Kant since Reasons and Persons, so I’m interested to read his consequentialist take on Kantian ethics. I expect to be blogging some new ethics pieces in the Gregorian New Year, so watch this space moral philosophy fans.

I’m struggling to wrangle my internet presence now that I have two blogs and three social networks (Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter) – not to mention a baby! – but I'm doing the best I can all the same. What’s really suffering right now is Google Reader, which most days I just can’t handle and I end up marking all as read blindly. I’m thinking I might have to trim this down to just the blogs I’m most strongly attached to (which probably includes yours if you’re reading this), but then again when the baby goes into full time nursery it will be a very different situation for me so perhaps I should not panic yet. Apologies to anyone whose blog I am usually active in commenting – feel free to draw my attention to anything I may have missed in the ensuing carnage of parenthood.

A new short serial on ihobo to promote Imaginary Games begins tomorrow and runs over the next three weeks – I hope to see you in the comments!


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