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Videogames are Doomed

Over on ihobo today, I indulge in a little ol’ fashioned doomsaying. Begorrah, it’s been a while! Here’s an extract:

Within ten years, the videogames industry as you know it will be dead, and in its place will be something you hate. But it won’t matter that you loathe the new way games are offered to you, because in ten years time the producers of content will view you as nothing more than a secondary market, someone they’d like to pull into their fiscal nets but only if they can catch those younger, more easily influenced players as well. Ever wondered why they “don’t make ‘em like they used to?” – both in games, and in films, books, TV shows, music and anything else you’d care to mention? It’s because you’re getting older, and the corporate money that funds almost everything you adore is forever in love with younger audiences, those that are more susceptible to marketing, and less prudent with their money.

You can read my complete take on why videogames are doomed over on (I’ll leave it to you to determine how serious I am about this).


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