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Slightly Fewer Winter Greetings Than Usual

Stonehenge Solstice It’s time to wish a Happy Winter Festival to everyone, but sadly this time the Islamic calendar (which pivots on the lunar cycle) has nothing on offer. The Day of Ashura was back on December 5th, and Milad Un Nabi isn’t until February 4th – so sorry Muslims, no special shout for you this year. Similarly, the Hindu festival of Makara Sankranti isn’t until January 14th, the Bahá'í Faith have nothing between 28th November 2011 and 2nd March 2012, and as far as I can tell Theraveda Buddhism still doesn’t have a winter festival at all. As for the Sikhs, although there are several festival dates in December, I confess to not knowing how to send appropriate greetings for any of them. Suffice it to say that I wish all of you well, even though you don’t seem to have a Winter Festival on the table this year.

However, I can still wish Pagans a Happy Solstice, Zoroastrians a Happy Yalda, Jews a Happy Hannukah, Mahayana Buddhists a Happy New Year, Christians (both religious and cultural) a Merry Christmas, African-Americans a Happy Kwanzaa, and a very Merry Swik to everyone else! As for myself, I am turning forty on 1st January, so if I survive the festivities I'll see you all on the other side of this meaningless numeric milestone. Have fun!

Only a Game will return in January with yet more nonsense.


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Merry Christmas, and a Happy Birthday old man!
Hope you have a great break :)

What a day to have a birthday! Happy birthday in advance of the day! It's one of those milestone ages. Quite symbolic from the point of view of the Gregorian calendar. I will be looking forward to the Doctor Who special, as has been the regular tradition in recent years.


Strictly speaking, Baha'is do have something before March (but only barely): Ayyam-i-ha, which is generally equated as the "Baha'i Christmas". That's the last 4 days of February (5 on leap years).

Regardless, thanks for the well wishes, thanks for the blog, happy birthday, and happy new year!

Cheers for the well-wishes everyone!

Nabil: thanks for letting me know that Ayyam-i-ha is called the "Baha'i Christmas" - I'll remember that for future years!

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