Implicit Game Design (3): Koster's Theory of Fun
Implicit Game Aesthetics (4): Cook’s Chemistry


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When will the book be available for purchase?

Dani: thanks for asking! I'm still waiting for a street date from my publisher - I'm expecting Autumn this year at this point.

Will the ebook version be available at the same time? I prefer to read it on my Kindle. And, can it be preordered? Whichever the case, can't wait! (as in "I can barely contain my enthusiam":)

Dani: it's very exciting to have an enthusiastic reader waiting in the wings. :) The ebook version is produced after the print version, but is usually released at the same time so yes, you will be able to get it on Kindle when it's released in paperback.

You should be able to pre-order on Amazon but it cannot be listed on Amazon until the release date is specified. I am currently whipping my publisher on a daily basis to drive forward the process and get this done - I don't know why it took so long for this book; 'Imaginary Games' roared through production in a matter of weeks.

Once again, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! It's always nice to know that what you're working on has an audience! :)

Read the first two chapters and enjoying your perspective immensely so far. I'll post some thoughts on the book on my blog when I'm done and find the time. Thanks for sharing the PDF!

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