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Seven Years Today!

Birthday-cakeToday, Only a Game reaches the lofty heights of seven years old! It is fitting that at this time I am also receiving my first (rather modest) royalty cheque for a book of philosophy. When I started this blog, I worked as a game designer and imagined being a philosopher - even speculating that I wouldn't mind if Only a Game became purely a philosophy blog. Now, I work as both a game designer and a philosopher, and Only a Game really has become a philosophy blog more than anything else.

My thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years, and to everyone just joining me here for the first time. Here's to the next arbitrary milestone!

Fresh nonsense commences on Tuesday.


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wow that's quite a journey, from a game designer walking around in philosophy to where you are now! I recommended your blog to a teacher this week who had a student who wanted to do an 'A' level extended project coursework assignment on the question 'Are video games art?'.

I think when your name appears on an 'A' level coursework it means you've made it. When you've had high praise from people like Kendall Walton or Noel Carroll (sic) I think its a good sign that your good work has been recognised. I hope for another 7 years with your blogging.

Happy birthday from us at Noumenalrealm (and Michael)

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