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Falling Down the Stairs

No blogs this week on account of an accident on the staircase this morning. I was carrying my 18-month son down for his morning milk when I slipped and slid on my back all the way down to the ground floor. Soren is fine, thankfully – I held him tightly to my chest – but I’ve taken quite a few hits on my back and scraped my left elbow. I seem to have escaped serious injury, but I have to go to the hospital just to make sure.

Back soon!


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Thank God it wasn't worse. Wishing you a quick recovery with as little pain as possible.


I'm always relieved when I read a message like this. A good friend of mine fell down his stairs two years ago and never got up again :(

So here's to your health, and your son's!

Thanks guys! I'm not as bad today as expected - a little stiff and a little sore, but mostly intact. :)

Yowch! All the best for a swift recovery.

Must be catching, by the way. For the first time in... oh... three decades or so? I fell out of bed last night, via a rather sharp drawer edge.

You have my sympathy. I have a niece who is of 'carrying' age and I'm often taking her down the stairs. As my balance is not very good I often worry about this.

Hope you recover soon. I'm super glad that your son is alright too!

Thanks guys! I'm mostly rebuilt now - still waiting for the skin to grow back on my left elbow, but thankfully the bruises on my back only hurt when I sneeze.

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