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The Empty Cries of Rebellion

Win a Copy of The Mythology of Evolution

Free to one lucky player of Only a Game, a signed author copy of The Mythology of Evolution. Simply send an email to comp [at] giving your name and address. Also, let me know if you’d like it signed to you personally, otherwise it’ll just have my signature on its own.

Good luck!

Closing date is 31st October 2012. Offer is open to individuals with a postal address anywhere in the world. Only one entry per person is permitted. The winner will be determined at random using polyhedral dice rolled by an appointed judge. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The prize may not be transferred to any other person. No cash alternative or alternative prize is available. Spambots will be shot. All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Entry in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.

This competition is now closed.


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Decided to buy it through Amazon instead - it's faster....

Was the title deliberately provocative?

Chairman: hey, thanks for the buy! :) It's funny, when I put in the closing date I immediately thought "I hope I'm not forcing people to hold off from buying until November!" It seems with you, at least, it had the opposite effect. ;)

As for the title - yes, the title is deliberately provocative (controversy sells better than fairness, as I often lament) but it is also a good descriptor of the book's concerns. As you'll discover when you read it, my goal in this title is to separate the content of the evolutionary sciences from the mythology they have accumulated over the last two centuries (yes, even before Darwin!).

In fact, it was originally entitled (even more provocatively!) "Myths of Evolution", but one of my evolutionary scientist endorsers persuaded me that this was too much and suggested "The Mythology of Evolution" instead. I now greatly prefer this title to my original draft title!

All the best!

My copy arrived yesterday and started reading it in bed - already on page 35.

Excellent so far! Can't wait to read the rest.

PS: while "The Mythology of Evolution" will attract both sides ends of the spectrum, "The Truths of Evolution" would not, thus it was an inspired choice of title to gain the widest readership.

Chairman: thrilled that you're enjoying it! And thanks for your 'endorsement' of the title. I think it does get me the best of both worlds for this one. :) *waves*

I'm not planning to enter the competition, but would appreciate it if you'd sign my copy at some point.

Peter: happy to do so! Once my term-time commitments settle down a bit, perhaps we can have you and Sarah over for games at some point? *waves*

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