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Allen Wood on Ethics

In Autumn 2012, I ran a two-part interview with moral philosopher and Kantian ethics expert Allen W. Wood. For more than forty years, Professor Wood has expanded people’s understanding of Kant’s ideals, and helped foster a lively community debating and sharing perspectives on Kantian ethics.

The two parts are as follows:

  1. Kant and Mutual Respect
  2. Political Realities

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I'm a bit behind on reading other people's blogs right now, but I have managed to read part I of the Wood interview. Very penetrating. I quite liked the discussion you had with him on Parfit. It's refreshing to hear from an historian of philosophy on issues outside of Kant, to see the ways in which Wood with his imbibing of Kant's work and as a professional philosopher, perceives the US Political situation.

I've yet to read part 2, but I'm sure its just as riveting as the first. Really enjoyed this interview! Especially about a person whose work I've essentially spent a good deal of my adult life reading!


Thanks Michael! I was thrilled to get a chance to chat with Professor Wood, and what started as a relatively modest interview quickly spiralled into a wide ranging discussion on all manner of points!

I quite understand about 'other people's blogs' - I am shockingly bad at my bloggery recently, and miss the days when I had a couple of hours each morning to surf and ramble... :)

Hope all is well with you!

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