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Seasonal Sojourn

Wheel of Fortune As is my wont, I will be taking a break from blogging (and social media in general) for the next fortnight. It’s the Discordian festival of the Wheel of Fortune – an opportunity to peer deep into the world in search of Omens, and in so doing to peer deep into myself in search of who I am, who I have been and who I might become. I also tend to drink an extraordinary quantity of booze.

Only a Game will return in December for the usual nonsense leading up to the Winter Festivals, although as soon as my teaching obligations are concluded I’ll be sinking myself into the heavy lifting for the manuscript of Chaos Ethics, so I might be little more than a ghost of a presence. Still, in the internet aren’t we all reduced to a mere trace of ourselves? The way Levinas saw it, this is how we always encounter one another anyway.

Trust in yourself, offer your hand to those in need, hold your tongue for those who accidentally stray, close your eyes when the world is too much, and open your mind to all that could be. Namaste.

Only a Game returns in December.


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