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Scientists Distorting Science?

World's Worst Creationist

This is a copy of a release Zero Books is running for me on Facebook, after it was decided there that I am a Creationist.

Mankey is Evolving It has come to my attention that a number of people on Facebook have decided that I am a Creationist, and that my book The Mythology of Evolution is propaganda aimed at furthering the agenda of Intelligent Design. While I'm truly honoured to be worth denouncing, I must confess to being a very bad Creationist, given my commitment to the view that life on Earth has emerged through billions of years of gradual refinement and intermittent mass extinction. Also, my claim that Kant demolished any rational basis for ID two centuries ago must surely seem like an own goal, given that I'm clearly a Creationist.

Is everyone who criticises Professor Dawkins a Creationist by default now? That must seriously improve the number of supporters for Intelligent Design! It is true that The Mythology of Evolution is highly critical of Richard Dawkins. However, I also use Dawkins' own work to help disentangle the many fictions that have represented and misrepresented the evolutionary processes. My principal complaint against Dawkins is that his theology (or rather atheology) has made it terribly difficult to teach evolution in the United States, which is something he claims to want. Anyone who wishes to keep theology out of science should probably make more of an effort to practice what they preach.

I welcome rebuttal to the arguments I advance in my latest book, but I would most appreciate these if they came from people who had actually read and understood those arguments. The difficult process of discerning knowledge depends upon this kind of critical engagement - those who prefer to idolise "Science", rather than engaging in the difficult practices of the sciences and philosophy, ought to reflect on how akin to Creationists they have become.


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It's crazy isn't it? A classic case of in-group out-group mentality. You don't worship Dawkins so you must be on the bad 'side' then. And all the while slapping each other's backs at their powerful critical thinking skills.

Having read the book, it is indeed a strange conclusion; however, you were deliberately provocative in the title.

I guess some people just can't get past titles - it's the celeb, Twitter culture of quick soundbites and shallowness that doesn't get any deeper than the top layer of the epidermis.

Chairman: okay, I admit it - I *was* deliberately provocative in the title, and I am perversely enjoying being denounced. :) But I still think the title is the best one for the book, and let's face it, Professor Dawkins didn't exactly go for diplomacy with his title "The God Delusion"! >:)

teejay: there does seem to be something of a cult of personality in play here. But I can laugh at this because it's so wonderfully ridiculous. Favourite line used to denounce me so far: "The theory of evolution is a fact!" Strange concept of what 'theory' means, really...

All the best!

Of course you're a creationist. If you weren't, that would suggest someone could object to aspects of evolutionary theory in a way that might actually have to be considered before being rejected. And that would never do.

Hi Luther! Are you new here, or a lurker just coming out for a chat? I assume the former, since lurkers tend to like to mention it. :) Either way, you are more than welcome in the Game!

I have to say that the scuffles over evolution in recent decades have been extremely illuminating - although not about evolutionary theory. I've learned a great deal about the human impulse from mythology from studying contemporary examples.

I am also increasingly swayed by Latour's arguments that actually there's nothing much wrong with the sciences, it's only Science that's the problem, and Science is as much a problem for the sciences as anything else!

Once again, welcome to Only a Game!

I'm new here. I can't remember how I actually came across this blog - I think I was searching for blogs including stuff about Wittgenstein. And then, seeing the stuff about evolution, which tallies with a lot of what I think, I decided to follow. Nice to see I'm in the "Other Curiosities" section.

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