Return of the Snippets
Supersonic Word Search Record Attempt

Delays and Extensions

No substantial blogging this week as I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere over Greenland. Hopefully the airline can deliver it to me soon enough…

  • I learned something valuable this month: jet-lag is exponentially worse when you travel with a two-year old! Had a great but exhausting trip to Tennessee and the surrounding states, and it was wonderful to catch up with some of our dear and distant friends.
  • I’ve been forced to ask Zero Books for an extension for Chaos Ethics, which they’ve been happy to give me. To be honest, I’m rather less happy about this – both because I hate having to ask for extensions and because I really need to get this draft manuscript completed soon as there are a lot of other projects I need to work on. On the plus side, the book is coming along fantastically well, and the restructure is a significant improvement.
  • Might share some thoughts about the PS4 announcement at some point, but the short version is that all the home console manufacturers are in trouble right now, and most AAA game developers are also at-risk.
  • Ironically, while the upper market struggles with precarious economics of their own creation, it’s practically a golden age for indies. However, I worry about market saturation in the popular genres.
  • It occurred to me that if you interpret ‘speculative realism’  as a form of idealism it could be described as ‘mindless idealism’. This appeals to me – I might declare myself a ‘mindless idealist’ just to support/oppose the speculative realists!


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