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Delays and Extensions

Return of the Snippets

Clip Art Graphic of a Yellow Guy Character After almost two years of absence, may I present the return of Only a Game’s Snippets – which I offer in place of anything more substantial this week, since the one thing this vacation has not provided me is time! Although it has been great to catch up with distant friends, there is something inherently draining about trying to meet with so many people in so many places in so short an interval of time, and having a two-year old with us only makes it harder. Still, nothing worthwhile comes about without effort, and life is good even (especially?) when it is exhausting.

  • Congratulations to ihobo stalwart Ernest Adams who has now been awarded his PhD! My own PhD by publication is in train, and I expect I shall be joining Dr. Adams with my own doctorate later this year.
  • After thirty years, I finally fulfilled my dream of sacking Doomdark’s capital of Ushgarak in Mike Singleton’s classic The Lords of Midnight! Anyone interested in the history of videogames who has not investigated this title has a golden opportunity thanks to Chris Wild’s iOS, Android and other releases of the game. It’s my favourite strategy game of all time – persevere with its odd interface and thou shalt be rewarded!
  • Fans of Object-Oriented Ontology should note that Timothy Morton’s Realist Magic is available online in html, as well as in book form. I’m afraid that although I enjoy the OOO crowd, every time I read their expositions of the core of the approach I am left thinking “And?”. Still, as contemporary mythologies go this is much more interesting than most other positivist systems. As geeks, however, philosophers should be wary of rabbit holes that invite them to communicate solely with other geeks, especially if they want (as Morton does) to influence change.
  • Work on Chaos Ethics has been slow while I’ve been away, and held up considerably by a necessary restructure – the original four parts are now being shuffled into ten chapters, each with a specific example of applied ethics. I’m convinced this is a better way to mount its discussions, but it’s a lot of extra work. This is rapidly becoming the toughest manuscript I’ve ever worked on, and I sincerely hope there are people out there looking to reconsider morality as a phenomena or I’m just barking at shadows.
  • There has been one (and only one!) entrant to the Spring Review Drive! As such, this lucky individual is currently guaranteed a prize – as would the next two entrants, as long as no-one else enters (!). Whichever way you look at it, your chances of winning a signed book are excellent if you submit reviews to the Review Drive now!

More from me when I’m back in the UK and recovered from my travels, although I shall monitor the comments when I get a chance so don’t hesitate to drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you on these or any other topic!


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