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Off to Philosophy at Play

I’m away this week giving my first ever philosophy keynote (level up!) for Philosophy at Play at the University of Gloucestershire, so I won’t have time for anything more substantial on the blogs this week.

I am making my way through the manuscript for Chaos Ethics, and hope to resume blogging more seriously by May (fingers crossed). At the same time, I have certain fears that social networks have taken away too many regular players and that discussions of the kind we used to have in the heyday of Only a Game are now impossible. Your thoughts on this, surviving players, would be most welcome!

More soon!


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Best of luck with your keynote!

Regarding discussion here: it may be that social networks are slurping up too much time for people to invest in conversation here. Perhaps a more aggressive reminder strategy on your part, encouraging people to read and comment on Only a Game, may pull some back? \

Then again, maybe that isn't your style? I know it isn't mine.

Oscar: Thanks for the kind words!

My relationship with Google+ is already strained - I am very close to deleting my account, and all that is stopping me at the moment is my intention to have an open discussion with other tech-nerds at a convenient opportunity. Without a sufficiently virtuous discussion of the issues, it would be premature for me to withdraw. However, I may host the discussion here... I've not decided yet. I don't want the decision to 'desocial' to be a kneejerk reaction, though.

What is clear to me is that while I am content to cross-link via Google+ for the time being, what I value about the blog format is not served by randomly sweeping in people from various social networks because I happen to have written something that interests them. On the contrary, the continuity of community here at Only a Game (in so much as there is such continuity) is essential to its value to me. This is a community-driven exercise, and I don't see myself as having a privileged position in this regard (even though clearly this blog is my blog) because via Reader - oh, well, via The Old Reader, at least - other blogs are implicated in my local cluster.

When I get done with the draft of "Chaos Ethics" (oh how this project has taken over my spare time!) I shall be considering what I can do to restore blogging to what I want it to be - and that means establishing who in my cluster is still blogging and determining ways to foster engagement between blogs.

Anyway, I must dash! *waves*


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