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Are Smokers Rational? (December 2011)

With the date of the Bronze Anniversary coming around on Monday, I have chosen to close this celebratory baker's dozen with a little bit of philosophical aikido using the work of Derek Parfit. Even though Parfit himself argues that there is a “decisive reason” to not smoke, I use arguments from both On What Matters and Reasons and Persons to suggest that Parfit’s philosophy actually allows that smokers are indeed rational.

Are Smokers Rational? (December 2011)


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Interesting. Also explains religiosity, I suppose.

By the way, clicking on the comment feed link results in an error - at least in my Chrome browser.

Chairman: Although I didn't pull this particular trigger, I do remember that while I was writing this piece I was thinking about the way 'rational' is used in the context of religion (as I suspect Parfit was too writing "On What Matters"). But then, unlike you, I don't think religious people are any different in terms of rationality than anyone else - which is to say, I don't really believe anyone is sane. :D

Thanks for letting me know about the comment feed link error - I've disabled the feed link for now. Let me know if you want it repaired and I'll look into it further...

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