Toru Iwatani's Escalator (April 2006)
Religion in Science Fiction: Doctor Who (May 2009)

Fate (June 2007)

In May 2007, my wife and I moved to Knoxville, TN, on the back of a string of projects in the US (most notably FusionFall). However, it took quite a while for these contracts to begin, and as a result I suddenly had an unprecedented volume of time free for blogging. Those 15 months in Knoxville were the high point of Only a Game – I had the time to read more books and write more content, and the blogs hadn’t yet lost their audience to the mega-networks. We had some great discussions in those days.

Although far from my most rigorous work, I have an especial place in my heart for this piece, Fate, which was inspired by reading Hume’s Enquiries.  I particularly like the short argument it includes claiming that it is indeed meaningful to talk of someone being ‘lucky’. I always thought it was dodgy that I used the rather sketchy notion of absolute time to argue for this – but amazingly, the speculative realists were to deploy exactly the same concept shortly afterwards for almost entirely opposite purposes. Philosophy can be funny that way.

Fate (June 2007)


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