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Pluto and Eris - a dialogue (January 2011)

I’d never written a philosophical dialogue before (or since), but Bernard Suits’ The Grasshopper encouraged me to give it a try. This is my favourite of all the things I’ve written, let down only by the lack of a plausible audience to read it. It not only explores some key ideas within fictionalism, it is also a rather esoteric tribute to the Discordian religion.

Pluto and Eris – a dialogue (January 2011)


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Thanks Chris - I really enjoyed this....both the the way you've done it and the themes you explore - over which I've had many sharp debates with certain colleagues in the science/religion organisation I'm involved in!

I once had to do a philosophy essay in the form of a dialogue between Descartes and Feuerbach but it didn't work nearly as well as this one does :-) I also once had a t-shirt with the Nietzsche quote on - and indeed I still use that comment sometimes to justify my non-orderly interior landscape and its associated approach to thinking!

Pat: Although I feel I pushed the boat out further than necessary here, it was in the spirit of the piece to do so. It seemed to hang together in the end! No wonder you're looking forward to "Chaos Ethics" if you had the 'dancing star' quote on a t-shirt. ;)

All the best!

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