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What's Stopping a Ghost Master Kickstarter?

One for the Ghost Master fans over on ihobo today as I explain why I haven't started a Kickstarter to make a sequel for the cult game:  Here's an extract:

I'm a long time sceptic of Kickstarter for videogames, a grumpy cynic who fears many gamers will soon be cursing the vagaries of the development process when the project they backed transpires to be vapourware. But it is not that I am against crowdfunding - on the contrary, it has already achieved wonders for both comics and boardgames. It is just that videogame development is far from a clean cut proposition, and it is the vast minority of projects that run smoothly and on time. Kickstarter gives the illusion of offering you an incredibly extended pre-order capability, while it actually makes you into an investment broker motivated by products rather than profits. This is a difficult point for some gamers to wrap their heads around.

You can read the entirety of What's Stopping a Ghost Master Kickstarter? over on ihobo.com.