Implicit Contracts and Game Narrative
The Strange Case of Doctor Bateman


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Hey Chris - hope the viva goes well. I did mine last week (staggered to get doctorate awarded with no corrections!) - can't quite believe that it is finally all over.

One nice consequence though is that I'm now free to begin my pile of 'books to read when I finish my PhD' - including 'The Mythology of Evolution'which I'm really looking forward to. Also - thanks to the serendipity of twitter - been reading Christy Dena's piece on emotion in games and thence to Nicole Lazzaro's stuff on 4 keys to fun - and so starting to dabble my toes in IHobo too (gaming is a whole new world for me). All of which have fed into thoughts on a possible paper for a science/religion conference next year.

Love this kind of connectivity across the disciplines. Thanks for providing so much wonderful material in your blogs :-D

Hi Pat,
Congratulations on getting your doctorate - and with no corrections, too! A rare achievement indeed.

Thanks for the kind words! I have never managed to keep my toes in just one pond, and have managed to be resolutely inter-disciplinary for as long as I have been mistaken for an academic. :D

Always a pleasure to hear from you, and all the best in your 'new life' as Doctor Pat. ;)


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