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Talk to Me?

Spring Sunset With my Paternity Leave officially begun (even though I still have work that needs to be finished…), I’m going to tie up the blogs for the time being other than cross-posting any announcements. As I do, I have to wonder: where are all my players? I know we’re all older, busier, more caught up in life, but you’re all still out there somewhere, and it would be great to hear from you every once in a while.

Open Letters Still Awaiting Replies…

So talk to me. Talk to me about something that interests you, about something I’ve written about, about something I’ve done. Or talk to me about the three open letters I’ve written this year, none of which has yet received a reply.

Talk to me about the injustice of drone assassinations, as I do in the open letter Taxation as Injustice. Talk to me about the ubiquity of guns in videogames as I did in the open letter Games, Guns, and Gender. Or talk to me about the relationship between fictional worlds and game mechanics as I did in the open letter The Rules of Game Worlds. These are open letters I wrote as part of that fading community I call the Republic of Bloggers – take any part of any of these letters and write to me about it! Write me a blog-letter, or just reply in the comments, I don’t mind how you talk to me, I just want to hear from you.

Or talk to me about where I should be talking, because I’m starting to wonder if I’m just in the wrong place right now…

My family is about to get bigger, and it’s traditional to give people presents to celebrate a birth. So get me something nice: write to me, talk to me, share your thoughts. I’ll be waiting for you.

With unlimited love,


Only a Game returns in May.

Clearing the Doctorate

Just a quick note to say that I appear to have hurdled the final step of the bureaucracy required to complete my Doctorate… thus unlocking additional bureaucracy pertaining to storing my doctorate in the library system. It would be nice to feel some sense of achievement or triumph at becoming the first person to have a doctorate in the aesthetics of play but it is more akin to that frustrating boss that you finally take down hours after it ceased to be fun…

The Calm Before the Storm

With a new baby approaching at the end of this month, I am about to go on Paternity leave. I will tie up the blogs when my leave begins, for now I am working hard on finishing up the script to Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, and arranging the first voice recordings (more on this soon!). Here’s a few snippets to keep you going:

  • I am giving a talk on games as art at a gallery in Edinburgh on Thursday 1st May. The details are not confirmed yet, I will promote it here once the ink has dried.
  • Chaos Ethics is in production, and I expect to have galley proofs within a month – the PDF will then be available to reviewers, academics and bloggers.
  • From May, I will be running the largest Game Design internship programme in the world (40 interns!) – sorry, there is no availability remaining for new applicants.
  • My defection from Google Drive to has been a success (see Defecting from Google Drive for the background and a referral link). I had to use their customer support the other day – they replied within 12 hours, two humans assisted me, the problem was solved within two days. Compare this to Google’s policy of ‘you can complain, but we won’t listen to you because we always know best’.
  • My backlog of games now includes Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Dominique Pamplemousse in It's All Over Once The Fat Lady Sings!, both of which I’m looking forward to playing when I have time. If anyone has any time to give me, do let me know!

Something to say to me? Comments and blog-letters are always welcome!

Defecting from Google Drive

After Google Drive decided I could choose between having duplicates of all of my folders or deleting all of my files, I decided to defect. I plan to be free of Google for productivity software in three years, if I can.

My new choice for cloud storage is, which starts with 15 GB (+5 GB if you sign up with a referral link). Two features I really like:

  1. Backup Shortcuts: you can drop shortcuts/symbolic links into the folder to automatically arrange for the originals to be copied onto the cloud as a backup.
  2. Human Service: you can email the support desk and eventually summon a human. This beats Google’s method of “compete to see if we care!” approach to support.

If you fancy trying for yourself, here’s my referral link.