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Spring Sunset With my Paternity Leave officially begun (even though I still have work that needs to be finished…), I’m going to tie up the blogs for the time being other than cross-posting any announcements. As I do, I have to wonder: where are all my players? I know we’re all older, busier, more caught up in life, but you’re all still out there somewhere, and it would be great to hear from you every once in a while.

Open Letters Still Awaiting Replies…

So talk to me. Talk to me about something that interests you, about something I’ve written about, about something I’ve done. Or talk to me about the three open letters I’ve written this year, none of which has yet received a reply.

Talk to me about the injustice of drone assassinations, as I do in the open letter Taxation as Injustice. Talk to me about the ubiquity of guns in videogames as I did in the open letter Games, Guns, and Gender. Or talk to me about the relationship between fictional worlds and game mechanics as I did in the open letter The Rules of Game Worlds. These are open letters I wrote as part of that fading community I call the Republic of Bloggers – take any part of any of these letters and write to me about it! Write me a blog-letter, or just reply in the comments, I don’t mind how you talk to me, I just want to hear from you.

Or talk to me about where I should be talking, because I’m starting to wonder if I’m just in the wrong place right now…

My family is about to get bigger, and it’s traditional to give people presents to celebrate a birth. So get me something nice: write to me, talk to me, share your thoughts. I’ll be waiting for you.

With unlimited love,


Only a Game returns in May.


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Congratulations on a variety of fronts! Good luck with managing with 2 kids!

A Republic of Bloggers letter! -

Hey DapperAnarchist,
Thanks for your letter! I will reply as soon as I can. There's another blog letter ahead of you in the imaginary queue, but your reply might be easier to draft.

In the meantime, I'll link this at, where the game content is collected.

Many thanks for getting involved!

PS: my reply is running on ihobo on Wednesday this week - look out for it then. ;)

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