Speaking or Otherwise at Sandbox in Edinburgh
The Value of Art

Family Level Up: New Baby!


Very proud to announce the arrival of the latest member to my family, 7 lbs 11 oz, name pending. He arrived on 30th April after another shockingly fast labour.

The following day was surreal: I slept the night on the floor of the hospital room, then almost immediately my wife, baby, and I were cast in a promotional film for the hospital and spent the morning doing takes for that. Then we were hanging around forever to be discharged – which eventually happened at 4:30 pm, an hour before I was due to speak in Edinburgh!

Surviving the Manchester rush hour somehow, I arrived at my robot with 15 minutes to spare, enough time for the weblink technical check. The talk, for the Sandbox/Fair events at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh, seemed very well received, and was built around a letter I’d written the day before about the value of art, and how this connects to games-as-art. I will share the letter here shortly as part of the Republic of Bloggers.

Much more to come this Summer, and apologies to anyone having difficulties posting comments at the moment. Hoping TypePad have been able to fix this… Hope to hear from you all in the corners of the internet soon!


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Can't seem to sign in with Blogger, and the link for the other sites produces a redirection warning (which I ignored after researching cloudflare).

Chairman Bill

Welcome back, Chairman Bill!
Sorry about the certificate problems - they seem to have been fixed now. I'm planning to blog more regularly over the Summer, probably starting in late May, early June, and I would love to get your strident opinions on some of the topics. :)

All the best!


Nah - still can't log in with Blogger.

Chairman Bill

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