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Week One: Lurkers and Loyalists

I suggest we begin without doing any outreach and see how many players turn up to Only a Game within the first week – we can then push out to G+ and Twitter in future weeks, and to Facebook as well (although I’ll need your help to reach there, as it is a dark place I dare not tread!).

Many thanks to the first two players to turn up and score points for the team!

The Meta-Campaign

NineIn the thirty days before the Ninth Anniversary of Only a Game can we get thirty players to return and leave a comment? That's the challenge.

Last year, I celebrated the Bronze Anniversary (i.e. eight years) of this blog by revisiting eight classic posts. This year, instead of revisiting posts I want to revisit the players – to see if we can get new comments from thirty people who have left a comment in the past before the first day of July.

There are no rules other than that - if we get thirty unique returning commenters in June, everybody wins!

What's our strategy, regular players? Social media outreach? Trawl through the old comments and go fishing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments – and I'll count up the returning commenters in the blog header. Godspeed and k’plah!

Have you commented here before? We’d love to know what you’re up to!