Final Push
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Taking the Lead!

Delighted to report that a recent surge of responses to some begging emails has turned up six more returning players putting us in the lead at 28-26, with a whole four days to find just two more! We could actually win this…!


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Got this blog in my rss feed together with all the other game related blogs. And what have I been doing? Taking some major steps in my model in how someone can create engagement.

...and most importantly, Rickard, you did comment previously - which makes you the scorer of the winning point, returning commenter #30! Thank you so much! We did it!

My mom said I was going to accomplish great deeds in my life. I didn't know it was going to be so soon.

*grins* I'm constructing a monument in your honour. I'm building it in the internet: just turn left at Facebook and keep going until you hit the wasteland where the abandoned MySpace sites were dumped - you can't miss it! ;)

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