The Meta-Campaign
Chaos Ethics Endorsement from Allen Wood

Week One: Lurkers and Loyalists

I suggest we begin without doing any outreach and see how many players turn up to Only a Game within the first week – we can then push out to G+ and Twitter in future weeks, and to Facebook as well (although I’ll need your help to reach there, as it is a dark place I dare not tread!).

Many thanks to the first two players to turn up and score points for the team!


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Another returning player saying hello!

I played casually in the past using a nom du jeu that I've now forgotten.

Hey Dougclow, I think it might have been Dougc, but I'm not quite sure. Either way, welcome back. And thanks for putting us a day ahead, too - 4 players on day 3, pretty good going!

A more recent player dropping in!

Not much playing lately but always silently reading.

Very glad to know you're still around, Sylvain L! I've tallied you into the score.

Still here. Posting on Week 1 as I was out of mobile coverage due to holiday, otherwise I'd have seen this!

Thanks Peter! Yours, along with Matt and Michael, takes us up to 15 - we're just two points behind now! *waves enthusiastically*

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