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Retrenching a Republic to a Band of Bloggers (Reply)

Doc Surge has replied to my earlier Prolegomena to Any Future Manifesto with a blog-letter discussing the relationship between Principles, Policies, and Practices. Here’s an extract:

A manifesto’s nature is to set out Principles, which become a movement’s rallying point. Principles, like an artist’s broad paint strokes on a canvas, can capture high-level notions of democracy, free markets, and public healthcare. Meanwhile the Policy level becomes the “devil is in details” that is meant to inform us how to live, essentially being the laws of the land. These laws are forever open to the subjective interpretation of a society’s Practice. This subjectivity is inescapable, dangerous, and is our burden.

You can read the entirety of Retrenching a Republic to a Band of Bloggers over at The Journals of Doc Surge.


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