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Ideapod as a Social Intelligence Network

IdeapodNot six months after writing about social intelligence networks, and one has launched. Entitled Ideapod, it fulfils many of the aims I outlined last year. They’ve invited me to join, and since I asked for something like this it would be churlish not to participate!

It is operating at roughly the scale I designated ‘Thoughts’ (100 words – a minute to read), with their actual constraint being 1,000 characters. I am a supporter of constraints of this kind, having seen how Twitter refines bons mots, jokes, and taglines with its 140 character limit. The key to Ideapod’s set up is the ability to ‘relate’ one idea to another idea – which is why I think this qualifies as a SIN. It will be interesting to see how this works out in practice.

Because I am still more comfortable with an essay or letter as a form of discourse, being on Ideapod shouldn’t to detract from the blogs – it will just allow me to synthesise ideas formed here and in my books into shorter statements to be ‘related’ in their database. But it’s interesting to see the SIN idea tested out in an actual programmed system.


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