Ontology as Non-Theology

Wikipedia Knows Nothing, the Book

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have finished the draft manuscript of my latest philosophy book, Wikipedia Knows Nothing. Based upon content I’ve been writing here on the blog over the last year, but substantially revised and expanded, this is my first work of epistemology, expanding upon the idea of knowledge as a practice as well as the concept of a multiverse that I developed in Chaos Ethics. I have a publisher in mind, but I won’t announce that until the deal has been made.

For now, I’m asking any of the stalwarts here at Only a Game if they would like to be a pre-reader. The book is only 24,243 words long, and thus a much lighter undertaking than most of my epic tomes. If you’d like me to send you a copy of the unedited manuscript, contact me through the usual channels.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me get this far, and especially to Chris Billows whose interest in the topic was hugely influential in the decision to take this further, and translucy (where are you now?) for giving me the idea for the Republic of Bloggers, which features in the book. Also, thanks to the Wikipedia for giving this topic an accessible point of entry, and which might know more than the book’s title lets on…


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Hey Chris,
Definitely sounds interesting, but I won't take you up on the offer right now (things are pretty busy, and I don't know that I'd end up reading it at this stage -- I'd rather not say 'yes', and then not end up doing it).

Best wishes with the editing and publishing, hope the book does well!


Hi Ian,
Always great to hear from you! It's going to be six weeks before my first-choice publisher makes a decision, and then at least nine months after that before publication (and if they turn it down, it will take even longer to get into print). So if your situation improves, do let me know. As a shorter manuscript that usual, you could fit it in whenever (or if-ever) your demands ease up.

All the best,


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