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1500 Shades of Nonsense

1500This post marks the fifteen hundredth slice of nonsense I’ve posted at Only a Game in the eleven years I’ve been blogging. Not sure if that’s an achievement or if it’s rather horrifying, but there you have it: one thousand five hundred short essays on anything and everything that felt worth rambling about. Over the years, there has been less and less about games and more and more about philosophy, but even from the very beginning that was a direction I was happy to go in.

Many thanks to everyone whose been here for any part of the journey, and especial gratitude to those of you who have stayed with me in one way or another for the entire voyage. Here’s to the next fifteen hundred!


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Congratulations Chris!
Well done on sticking it out!

Thanks Ian! I might say the same to you as a regular here! :D


Congratulations for such a milestone! I've only 230+ posts on my blog so I'm in awe at your prolificacy.

Congratulations, Chris! I apologize for rarely being able to contribute anything of value to your discussions, but I do selfishly enjoy your posts nonetheless!

(Raises glass to the next 1500) ;)

Hey Nathan,
Thanks for your comment! Even if you generally don't throw your hat into the comments, I always value readers - there would be no point to what I do without folks like you!

All the best,


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