Back After Baby
Futurism v Fatalism: Thursday 16th June

Sound the Bombards!

Back from paternity leave, family now fully upgraded with the arrival of Blake Patrick (9 lbs 6 oz, for those who like such numbers), and getting ready to push forward into the Summer blogging. I have been lax on the Republic of Bloggers thus far this Gregorian year, but thanks to Chris Billows I will be getting back in the saddle next Tuesday with my first blog-letter of the year. More nonsense follows soon afterwards, and tomorrow I'll be plugging the event I'm at in London next week. Hope to see some players of the Game at the Red Gallery!

Oh, and in case the allusion of the title is too obscure, bombards were cannons fired in ancient China to signal the start of an attacking charge on a particular front. So 'sounding the bombards' is roughly equivalent to bellowing 'Charge!'


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Bombards were also really loud reed instruments in renaissance Europe, and according to Wikipedia still played in Breton folk culture for weddings, funerals, etc.

Thanks Tom - a reminder that every obscure observation has another obscure observation waiting to trump it. :)

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