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The Cybervirtues of Elections?

How to be a Traveller in an Ethical Multiverse

Philosophy in PubsIt gives me great pleasure to be giving a keynote at this year’s Philosophy in Pubs National Conference, in the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. My talk, “How to be a Traveller in an Ethical Multiverse”, will be talking about ‘moral chaos’, cyberfetish, the Tragedy of Bureaucracy, and the problems of moral horror and political dissensus.

If you’re interested in coming along, you can get tickets for the full three day event, or just for the day I’m speaking (Saturday 3rd June). Details on the conference website.

Very much looking forward to the gig!


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Thank you Chris. What an excellent keynote speech, followed by question and answer session, you gave at the PIPs National Conference in Liverpool. Thank you for signing our books. On Saturday I mentioned the information philosophy of Bob Doyle. It is very knowledgeable about leading edge science and also has an ethics perspective, when he analyses such things as 'The Problem of Value'. Bob's website can be found at:

I hope you will find it helpful.

Hi Howard,
Many thanks for following up on this... I hadn't encountered Bob Doyle before you mentioned him, although I have been keeping an eye on information philosophy. Luciano Floridi was the name I was not quite able to deliver in this context when we spoke on Saturday. ;)

Thanks again!


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