Pokémon GO Update: The Highs, the Lows
Going to Gamescom

Silk Anniversary

Birthday-cakeToday, Only a Game is twelve years old. Hasn’t the time flown by! I would love to have produced something special for the event, but alas I have been swamped with my professional commitments and am way behind on my blogging.

Coming up soon (hopefully!), more virtuous discourse in the Republic of Bloggers, the final part of Babich and Bateman, completing what begin in The Last of the Continental Philosophers and Living with Machines, and of course, the build up and launch for my latest book, The Virtuous Cyborg.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my blogging over the last duodecimal 10 years, and to everyone who gets drawn into my strange thought processes over the next binary 1100 years!

Want to send me a present? Comments and blog-letters are always appreciated!


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