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Cybervirtue Outreach Request

The Virtuous Cyborg - Cut-out

Working on who to send out review copies of The Virtuous Cyborg, and I could use your help! Do you know any journalists, firebrands, iconoclasts or other strange and wonderful people who are out there making their voices heard? I’m particularly looking for those who are raising concerns about contemporary technology, but anyone who might be interested in cybervirtue and who is out there making some noise would be great to hear about.

Please reply to this post or to the Tweet that goes with this. Many thanks for your assistance!


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I'm interested.

I'm only beginning to make my voice heard on this topic, as part of a new research project on the topic of artificial wisdom. But in the meantime, I'll help spread the word to others!

I thought I'd replied to you, but there's no sign of a comment... are you still listening in? It's not too late to get you involved.

My apologies for not noticing your comment earlier! My attention has been on the ihobo blog, since that's where the current serial is running.

Can you please get in contact using the contact link at
I'll be happy to take this forward.

Many thanks,


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