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Back in 2005, thirteen years ago today, I began blogging. I have often written about what a transformative experience this was for me, and also about the tremendous value I place upon blogging as a practice – indeed, as recently as the end of May this year, I was talking about why blogging is more cybervirtuous than other forms of social media. When I started, I could write every day, but at the moment the demands of my jobs and family make this difficult. Still, I try to offer something every week at least, except when I’m taking my Spring or Autumn social media breaks. I blog because I want to express myself, hone my thoughts, and share my ideas. And I blog because I want to change the world and I want to achieve that by changing myself first of all. To everyone who has participated in ‘the Game’ over the last thirteen years, my infinite and unlimited gratitude.

If you are a stalwart of Only the Game, please support it by buying The Virtuous Cyborg and leaving a review on your blog or an online bookstore. Thank you!


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Good job on keeping this up Chris :) ! I think I am going to take this as a sign and start my blogging adventures really soon.

I'm not sure whether to say you're welcome or thank you.

BwaaBiT: Thanks for the kind words! It's no longer the Golden Age of blogging, alas, but blogging is still very much an activity which I value, and if you take this path I wish you only the very best in your 'adventures'!

Yehuda: Let's do both. :)

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