Gamescom 2018

100Cyborgs: 11-20

The Virtuous Cyborg - Cut-outWhat are the behavioural effects of technological networks? What happens if we stop thinking about technology as shiny machines and start looking at other, subtler tools? Can we design technology to have better effects upon humans? These and other questions are what this blog project, A Hundred Cyborgs, are all about. Here are the second ten posts:

    11. Universities
    12. Robot Bathrooms
    13. Divorce
    14. Autodialling Ambulance Chasers
    15. Traffic Lights
    16. Dwarf Planets
    17.  Electric Kettles
    18. Reddit
    19. Painkillers
    20. Deck of Cards 

#13 and #16 are ‘line blurring’ pieces – they take ‘technology’ in a wider sense than most people are comfortable with, but #16 Dwarf Planets is one of my favourites, along with #20 Deck of Cards, which is a much more straightforward piece.

I am always interested in discussion, so feel free to raise comments either here (ideal for longer debates) or on Twitter (perfect for quick questions). And if you’ve enjoyed any of these pieces, please buy a copy of The Virtuous Cyborg and support my research into cybervirtue!

More cyborgs next week.


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