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Coming Soon: The Virtuous Cyborg Ebook

The Virtuous Cyborg - Cut-outPleased to announce the imminent publication of the ebook edition of The Virtuous Cyborg. Now, you can explore your hybrid relationship with computers and other devices from the comfort of your phone or ebook reader. Are you ready to ask yourself the question: what would it mean to be a good cyborg? 

The new ten part mini-serial, Arcade Cyborgs, making up parts 51-60 of A Hundred Cyborgs, has been held back to coincide with the release of the ebook edition, and will begin later this month.

The Virtuous Cyborg ebook will be available for all devices in two weeks.


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digital human on analog human

As ever, thanks for the link dmf! I met Alex at an event in Bradford many years back, although I doubt she remembers me. ;)

she's a lovely person and doing good work, this might be of interest:

Hi dmf,
Thanks for the link! I wouldn't have quite expected Time to take an interest in this, but fair enough!

On the one hand, workers in videogames have terrible conditions and the argument for unionising is strong. On the other, I find unions tend to devolve complicated situations into fights about money, which I always find disappointing. But I don't see how the current quagmire in employee relations in game could be resolved without some kind of battle at this point.

All the best!


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