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Control ButtonsAway at Develop this week presenting The Narrative Design Survival Guide, so I'm pausing Arcade Cyborgs for a week. I hope to get some blogging in at ihobo.com while I'm in Brighton, but we'll have to see how it goes.


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I thought the game "Pause" was the next cyborg innovation you were going to talk about... imagine my disappointment...


Ha - I will add 'Pause' to my cyborg list! What a great idea.
But it clearly couldn't be an 'arcade cyborg' as you could not pause arcade games... ;)

As ever, many thanks for the link!

Thanks to you both!


sure no need to thank me, if some of the links are of interest/use in furthering the conversation than all to the good

might be of interest:

I really need a tool that will transcribe videos into text for me... :(


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