A Tale of Two Walking Simulators (1): Firewatch

100Cyborgs: 41-50

The Virtuous Cyborg - Cut-outWhat are the behavioural effects of technological networks? What happens if we stop thinking about technology as shiny machines and start looking at other, subtler tools? Can we design technology to have better effects upon humans? These and other questions are what this blog project, A Hundred Cyborgs, are all about. Here are the ten posts from 41 to 50:

    41. Noise-cancelling Headphones
    42. Wages
    43. Genetically-engineered babies
    44. Palm Oil
    45. Pubs
    46. Radio DJs
    47. Weather Forecasts
    48. Captain
    49. Team Captain
    50. Skateboards 

As usual, there's a mix of line blurring pieces and more straightforward cyborgs. Among the line blurring pieces are #42 Wages, #45 Pubs, and #48 and #49 dealing with Captains in two different senses. The other pieces are more conventional, although I have a particular love of #50 Skateboards, which takes something very familiar and offers an unusual point of view upon it. 

I am always interested in discussion, so feel free to raise comments either here (ideal for longer debates) or on Twitter (perfect for quick questions). And if you’ve enjoyed any of these pieces, please buy a copy of The Virtuous Cyborg and support my research into cybervirtue!

New Cyborgs coming in the Gregorian New Year!


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from the heap

Hey dmf,
You always have such great links! :)

But E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is in no way the worst videogame ever made, just the most conspicuous commercial failure in videogame history.

It would indeed be tough to single out a 'worst ever' game... there's so much to choose from! But I like 2002's Shifters as the Plan 9 From Outer Space of videogames, at the very least!

Hope all is well!


hi Chris, wasn't taking a position on the title just thought you might be interested to see game design from the perspective of a series on design/infrastructure and civic life, best, d.

Aye, it's always good to see things from a new perspective! The obsessive in me, however, could not help but respond to the title. :)

Hope all is well!


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