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All-comers April

The Virtuous Cyborg.2by1As we come to the end of the ten-part Gamer Cyborgs, there are just twenty instalments left in A Hundred CyborgsBefore we finish, I want to throw open the floor for the second time (the first being "All-request August", back in 2018, when we were just twenty cyborgs in). So it gives me great pleasure to announce All-comers April, our last special event of the serial, in which I'm inviting guest writers to reflect upon our relationship with technology. I've asked some good friends of either the book, The Virtuous Cyborg, or this serial, or both, if they'd like to submit pieces, but even if every one of them accepts my invitation there are still a few slots left.

Which brings us to you.

Would you like to write your own #100Cyborgs piece? The only restrictions are the one I've been working with - it has to be 500 words or fewer, and it has to be themed around a 'cyborg', meaning any combination of beings and things, and of course, it has to have a title different to those I've already used (full list of cyborgs here). The idea is to reflect upon the moral and behavioural effects of technology in our lives. It doesn't has to be in terms of cybervirtue and cyberdebility (the positive and negative influences technology has on our behaviour, discussed in the book), it just has to reflect upon our human condition as beings engulfed in technological relations. Other than that, the sky's the limit!

The new pieces will start running straight after Game Cyborgs finishes. Stay tuned!

If you'd like one of the remaining slots, please contact me via Twitter (@SpiralChris) or the contact link at


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