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Shadows and TreesDear friends,

After worrying about what comments would be waiting for me I have eventually returned to find... no comments. I suppose that is not the worst outcome. However, at this time I have no plans to return to Twitter in the near future, and I am not resuming posting articles until I complete my dialogue with Babette Babich on vaccinations (which is ongoing). I am reachable via blog comments or all the other usual channels in the meantime. I am not saying I am never coming back to Twitter, only that at this time I am evaluating whether Twitter is a tool I can morally justify engaging with.

I note that robots may post to Twitter on my behalf in the meantime, and I apologise for not being there to respond... but if you actively want to talk to me, there are plenty of good options for doing so.

I hope everyone is well and that we might return to collaborating towards living together some day soon.



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Hello Chris.

These days my philosophy interests have taken a dark turn and have melded with my day job which is a very unfortunate thing. The passion has gone and the pursuit is more serious than leisurely. I should mention that many of the things you've written about in the past on ethics and gaming have come up. I work with some interesting people and things like your gaming ethics plays into other non-gaming contexts. You and I may be absent these days but you certainly aren't forgotten.


Dear Michael,
It is wonderful to hear from you... I think of you from time to time, often to darkly ponder that we might never in fact speak again, which always saddens me. It is strange to say 'I miss you' to someone who I only see maybe once a year - perhaps less than that! - but I suppose what I really mean is that I miss many people, and you are one of the people that shares in that loss and absence. I have often maintained a tenuous but sincere friendship or acquaintanceship with people that I see rarely... it seems to be a part of the weft of the fabric of my life.

I apologise for taking a fortnight to reply... I am, in fact, absurdly busy over this last month, and much has taken a back seat to what I am currently striving for, namely the founding of a studio for a dozen of my former students, for whom my sense of obligation did not evaporate upon graduation (i.e. when the payments stopped), but which rather will bind me as long as their trust in me lasts - the warp to the aforementioned weft, perhaps... This endeavour approaches (I hope) fruition in the next couple of months. We shall see.

I am extremely grateful for your comment, and I hope that you are doing more than just surviving in these times of ruinous madness.

With unlimited love,


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