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NewHorizonsPlutoCharonThere is one final post to run, then my Autumnal Social Media Break begins. It will run throughout November. In my absence, the robots will continue to share shiny things, but I won't be there to reply. You can still reach me through the usual email channels if you need me (via the ihobo contact link if you haven't emailed me previously).

I currently have no plans to run anything in December..

I am uncertain whether this current campaign is concluded... I presume it is not, as I have not yet written about Truth and Reconciliation, which I would expect to be the final bookend. Still, it might not be a bad idea to take a break. However, my work-in-progress serial, Rethinking Intellectual Property, is only half complete, and I can't reasonably go back to that until we have restored some kind of civil society whereby that discussion could have a meaning. But I have some half-developed ideas riffing on science fiction themes that might be a good place to take us in the Spring. Goodness knows we could use some fresh ideals about now.

If you can spare a moment to leave an encouraging message about my blogging while I'm away, it would mean the world to me. With my family 4000 miles away right now and no sign of the US Embassy getting even close to reviewing my immigration paperwork, I am in a rather lonely place. Even if I won't be reading these messages now, I would love to find something other than nothing here when I get back. Thanks in advance to anyone who leaves a supportive message.

I leave you all with my unlimited love and respect and, in half an hour, something to think about.


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I am eager to hear your thoughts on intellectual property. I find that basic concepts of intellectual property are misunderstood by the majority of my college students. I loved Lessig's "Free Culture," but I find that students and community members frequently misunderstand the Creative Commons ecosystem. You are certainly right that we won't make much progress on this until people can learn to talk to each other again, but I'm still hopeful that you'll be able to share your reflections on contemporary IP issues.

I hope you enjoy your November away.

hey Chris,
i've been reading your blog since '06. i wanted to meet you at the GDC before the lockdowns but alas... please keep up the good work. i have much to say but i won't say it now.

wik love,

Over the years, your blogging has been as entertaining as it is insightful, and I've delighted in experiencing pieces of your unique view into the world while expanding my own.

I do hope you are reunited with your family in short order, and whether you are inspired to continue blogging or not, I thank you for all the ideas you've so generously shared.

Dear Paul, Ares, and Nathan,
My unbridled thanks for these three comments.

Thank you for all your support, now and always, and for your kind remarks on my blogging! There is not much progress with the bureaucracy, alas, and I remain in exile for now... 120 days and counting.

There is more celebration in my heart for one lurker who opts unexpectedly to write, than for ninety-nine verbose commenters who return! :) Thank you so much for taking this time to poke your head up - I greatly appreciate it!

"Rethinking Intellectual Property" remains on hold for now. The serial is mostly finished, but I was held up thinking through the problems of 'craftright', and then it became apparent that international order was completely deranged by the nonsense, and so philosophical proposals to overhaul intellectual property have become rather difficult to mount productively. I hope to return to this once the nonsense has subsided - but I cannot see any point in discussing these topics until we are out the other side of the madness. I do plan to run this still... I just need the right timing. However, in the meantime, part four of "the Ascenturian Saga" has much to say on the concept of 'the commons' that may interest you!

Again, I thank you all profusely for taking the time to comment!

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